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World War Two Army Boots

Army Boots

Welcome to the best made boot you will ever own. The Dehner Boot Company is that boot company. This is not a reproduction boot company. It is a continuation company, so what does that mean to you? It means that the boots are made the exact same way in the U.S.A. for over 130 years with machinery that is 80 to 100 years old. These Dehner boots are not just someone’s idea of old style boot, they are the boots you would have been issued by the army in the day. The problem with most reproduction and imported boots is that they have no guts, and you don’t find that out ‘til you get a pair and wear them.

Most imported boots are made with very thin leather and the extra step of putting a descent liner in the boot is just not there, or has been left out entirely from the boot. Take a look at the calf or top of the import boot you will see it is so excessively huge to fit every ones leg out there, some even with elastic tops. This medtict of over sizing the calf looks bad and does not resemble anything of the authentic time. Hell my horse could get his hoof in to some of these boots.

So let us talk about real guts. We use the best American quality top hide, no blemish marks leather available. The vamp is French calf skin leather and steer hide tops of 8 oz. weight for better tailoring, look, and leg protection. The top of the boot has a wishbone ankle with a more supple leather for less rub to the ankle and more comfort. When it comes to the inside of the heel we use horse hide for strength. The inside heel has been built to prevent heel lift with the inside counter for long campaigning in the field. You can build these boots two ways: by a stock sizing or custom hand last built sizing that we get from your measurements on your ball, Waist, instep, heel, ankle, calf, boot top, and boot height just liked they did in the 1870s for the right fit for the right era. This a true lasting-made boot, not just  in name like some companies are producing out there.

A word of caution: Some of the boot companies out there that say they are American made are not at all, or only a small fraction of what they offer is made in America. Wesco boot Company and the Dehner Boot Company have made the grade for over 100 years, in all three quality categories. American made, American owned, and American tanned leather from American hides.

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