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The Tank Strap Wrap Boot (Custom)

Tank Strap Wrap Boot (Custom)

The strap tank boot was designed under the guidance of General George S. Patton to meet the needs of his WWII tank crews. One of the major concerns among tankers, was that bootlaces would often become snared on equipment within the cramped spaces of the tank. During the heat of battle a loose bootlace could have catastrophic consequences. General Patton wanted better for his tankers, so he enlisted the help of a boot company to bring his Strap Tanker Boot design to fruition. Now securely fastened with wrap around straps, which not only provide superior ankle support, but make the tanker boot fast and easy to use. By replacing boot laces with straps, nearly eliminated the dangers of snagging laces on equipment. The strap tanker boot makes for a top choice among motorcycle riders who not only wanted style, but the safety and the confidence of knowing that their boots would not come untied during their ride or get caught in moving motorcycle chains or belts. This boot is available in both stock and custom offerings, ranging from WWII traditional, to meeting modern military regulations. The options and application of the Strap Tanker Boot fit nearly any situations.