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Wesco Boot Maintenance & Care

“How to care for your Wesco Boots”

Boot cleaning:

You have made the investment in a quality pair of boots. It is not uncommon to keep a pair of Wesco boot for many years. We have customers who keep theirs long enough to have their boots sent back to the factory to be re-soled and rebuilt as many four times. On the other hand, I have customers who wear down their heels and break the heel corner down, as well as those who not clean their boots or oil them at all. We often cannot fix them with that degree of damage.

 Step 1: Take care of you boots and you will have a friend for many years. If you end up with dirt or mud on your boots it is very easy to clean them with just a bar of ivory soap and water. Work the water and soap lather over the leather with and old towel and give it a good cleaning. Dust and dirt particles are leather’s biggest enemies. They work into the folds in the leather and eventually cause abrasions and cracking.

 Step 2: Pack your boots with some old newspaper and let them dry out overnight. Do not put your boots at any time by a fireplace or heat vent as this will cause damage to the leather. Let the boots dry out naturally in at room temperature.

 Step 3: Leather, just like your skin, dries out. By conditioning your boots, you lubricate the fibers and add to their life. You can add years to the life of your boots while retaining their original good looks with some simple maintenance. Your Wesco leather is an oil tanned leather made for hard wear and in its last step of manufacturing they are dipped in beeswax make them last longer. We recommend using the Wesco two-part Bee Oil & BeeSeal Plus Combo that you can get from their factory.

If you work or live in a very wet environment we recommend that you use the factory products below:



Recommended for when your boots will be stored for an extended period of time.

8 oz. ($10.00) available at the Wesco factory 

These two dressings work in harmony to provide your boots with superior water repelling and protection.

4 oz / 5.25 oz ($13.00) available at the Wesco factory  

Step 4: You can extend the life of your boots by double by using a good practice of rotating your boots, never wearing the same pair two days in a row. Moisture from your feet settles in the boot, and with time that dries out the boots with time. Bacteria can stain the leather. I make and own boots that have served me well for more than 22 years. Good boots, like friends, are worth keeping, and I look forward to going to work with mine every day.