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Lace Tank Boots

Lace Tank Boot

Made for heavy duty field wear in the First World War, the Lace Tank Boot is made to our excess pattern of the time. This boot is a reissue of our original pattern made for re-enactment use. This boot was in use for the army tank crews until 1937.

From the time of General Patton, today’s army boot has been there. This boot was originally designed in 1930 as an alternative to the lace boot and puttees combination of the tank boot that the factory made in the First World War.

Now this fine custom made boot can be a part of your history. This boot rates high in the big three points of quality of construction, made to your dimensions, and price. This is truly one of the best values out there. We make this boot in black leather, dark brown leather, or in brown russet leather. Pick a style, rubber sole, heel, leather sole, or even a Vibram sole. Now you have your own special history on your feet