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Who are We? We are a group of riders that refuse to let good names die. We believe strongly that everyone should have the chance to own a Reading-Standard.  The Clothing can be that portal to owning a piece of the past. We stand proud in that we have brought the  Reading-Standard back and given them a platform to speak again in our clothing line. Not everyone can own an antique motorcycle, but they can own a jacket that can speak of their passion of the board track. I only wish that I could reach out to those that have gone in the past, but I realize it’s been all most a hundred years. For those of us that can still hear the hammer of the metal it comes to us to make their history come alive in our clothing line. So we reach out to those who have gone in the past, and we give back to those that have gone. We now extend out our hand to those in the present. So pull on your boots and your jacket. It is going to be a hell of a ride.[read more]

#108 Turtleneck Sweater