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Rhode Island State Police Patrol Boot


This boot is made for those customers that wish a good looking boot that is easy to put on and does not have the look of every other boot out there. This boot is a throwback from the army boot of the past. The Rhode Island state motorcycle police department has been using this style for many years for their troopers. It is a boot that has been there for those of us that work hard every day and want our equipment to keep up with what we do for a living. This boot is only made custom with a leather liner in your size and we do not do off-the-shelf sizing. That means that you can pick your style leather, height, color, and sole style. 

This boot was used by cattle ranchers, lineman work, aviation, and by many of the professional tradesman in the early 20th century. The factory made these tall lace boots for the United States Park Service in its first year for its rangers. We also make these same boots for you on the 75th anniversary of the National Park Service for a small group of rangers. We even made the tall lace up boots for Amelia Earhart. So whether you’re an army re-actor, steam punker, cattle rancher, or even an SAS shooter, you will find it is cut out to do the job.