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Wesco 10″ FIRESTORMER Stock Boot

Retail: $499.00    Sale Price: $460.00  

STYLE # 1BKF310100F Black

  • IN STOCK SIZES 8D-11D including haft sizes 

  • 12D and 13D

  • IN STOCK SIZE 8E-11E including haft sizes

  • 12E and 13E

Made in the USA

  •  lace-to-toe design

  •  #100F Vibram 100F Excellent traction, long wearing, oil resistant, flame resisting, non-marking black, flexible at high temperatures soles and heels

  • 7 oz full-grain full grain leather, lightweight black no-burn upper stitching, heavy black Kevlar upper and sole stitching

  • Black leather laces

  • Double-stitched soles

  • Sweat resistant full-leather insole

  • Removable false tongue