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The Stock Dress Boot


The Dress Boot’s tall, tailored good looks, and rugged construction made it a big hit in the era of clubs. Open any clothing or parts catalog put out by the “Big Three” from the 1930s to the 1950s, and you’d find the Dress Boot there.

 The Dress Boot is made with all the features of the Field Boot, in your choice of eight colors, height, and sole type. The clean uncluttered lines of this boot make it both a functional and attractive choice. If you are looking for a hard wearing boot that is light weight and fits the need of the old motorcycles that we ride, this is your boot. Riding with these boots will become as second nature to you as  putting gas in your tank. As one of my customer’s said: “This if the last pair of boots that I ever want to own.” So mount up and let us kick the motorcycle over for that ride.