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The Custom Engineer Patrol Boot


If you are that person that thinks about riding every day or every weekend then you are an Engineer Patrol Boot customer. Protect one of your most valuable assets to your ride: your feet. It can be the difference between riding and not riding. If anyone asks you to paint a picture of American motorcycles there would be no more iconic image then an engineer boot on an American biker. Wesco was the first company to start manufacturing engineer boots back in 1939. This boot was popular with welders in the shipyards, fire workers, and steam railway engineers, who needed loose fitting boots that could be quickly removed if embers landed in the shaft. Their pull-on design made them ideal for working in these conditions. This is a probable source of their name. The engineer boot would also become heavily associated with the American greasers and bikers who wore them in the 1950s. Increased sales of the engineer boot was furthered by its use by celebrities such as Marlon Brando and James Dean in movies like the The Wild One and Rebel Without A Cause.The Boss boot is built by authorities on the subject of heavy-duty craftsmanship for riders by riders. So study your options carefully, stock or custom, and call if you’d like to talk it over at Golden Age Motorcycle Clothing. The Wesco’s Boss provides the rugged protection you want to have on your side.