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The Cannonball Boot


Our Cannonball Boot was developed for the riders out there that wanted something  for the style of work we are doing. This boot was a was copy off of the cavalry military boots made in the First World War. You can see the quality in the deep rich brown leather and additional execution of the correct style for the time. We made this a total in the field  protection made out of the need of the riders and the reenactor from the style of the First World War and Second World War. We made this boot up at one of our shows with a team from the factory and our cannonball motorcycle riders originality  at an event.  

This is a low heel aggressive boot made for the Pope motorcycle, Reading-Standard,  H.D, Cleveland Motorcycle riders or  my friends in the G.W. crowd and we make this with a Vibram 700 sole or leather sole to work on the floor board of  the motorcycle of  the day. With the leather sole this boot works with any of the trench styles of the Great War.  This boot is offered in a 16″ or 18″ boot height. If you are already losing it on, this boot is probably not the right one for your  style of work. This boot can be made custom size or as an off the shelf boot size. You can also change the color of the leather to suit your historical period. This is a great boot for the track or the war, let us make one for you.