The ideal motorcycle sweater that is at home on the track or the road.

100% wool or acrylic - closely knit, makes these sweaters warm but light and just the thing to wear on cool summer evenings. Extra long body tucks easily in pants. White with black sleeves or solid burgundy. Sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.


Join us in creating a piece of the golden age of motorcycling. Our competition type sweaters are great favorites with motorcycle riders who are interested in recreating a part of the past. We make sweaters for racing, hill climbs, T.T. events, and all other competitive cycle sports.

Lettering can be added made from high grade felt block. Letters of conventional size can be applied to the back or front to give the competitive edge you need.

Available in: White with Black sleeves, Solid Burgundy, or Solid Navy Blue 

Sizes: small, medium, large and extra large



Special colors and color combinations can be custom made for motorcycle clubs.

Colors available in Wool are: Black, White, Red, Navy, Silver Grey, Light Gold, Royal Blue, Fast Brown, Moss Green, Purple, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Hunter Green, Tan, Scarlet Red, Burnt Orange, Heather Grey.

Colors available in Acrylic are: Black, White, Red, Light Navy, Royal Blue, Gold, Dark Navy, Kelly Green, Columbia Blue, Dark Columbia Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, Powder Blue, Fast Brown, Mayfair Blue, Burgundy, Silver Grey, Cardinal Red, Heather Grey, Dark Orange, Bone, Aqua, True Red, Dark Grey, Chocolate Brown, Royal Purple, Bordfaux, Moss Green, Cobalt Blue, Persimmon, Antique Gold, Medium Blue, Olympic Blue, Burnt Orange, Light Beige.


Lettering can also be added to club sweaters, please call for pricing.




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