The card shirt shown here is an example of an antique shirt worn by a rider back in the 1940ís. This is a very good example of what they wore.

You too, either as a lone rider or a club member, will want one of these period shirts.  It is made of closely woven 100% cotton fabric, in a wide range of colors and styles. These western shirts are the same style and pattern that were in use from 1930 through 1950.

On the proceeding pages are illustrated a few of the many emblems that we have supplied to motorcycle clubs. This will give you some idea of what other clubs are using and we hope will give you the inspiration to create something novel for your own club.

For shirts this embroidery is stitched directly onto the shirt of your color. You can pick your color for the embroidery with your unique design. Let us design your club logo for you.

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