lace Paddock boots

The Paddock Boot is that hard to find foot ware that was used by motorcycle riders in the first three decades of the Twentieth Century. This boot was preferred by board trackers, commercial workers and motorcyclists of all kinds. The Paddock Boot is designed to work with our puttees (leather leg wraps) and is the perfect boot for the frugal shopper. The boot conforms to the motorcycles and the motorcyclists with both comfort and endurance. This boot is made with French calf skin leather and is offered as a stock boot in either black or brown leather.            

When it comes to this Paddock Boot, it has one of the longest histories in American foot ware. At the time of the French Revolution, large, fancy shoe buckles were considered the mark of the Aristocrats. Wearing a buckle on your shoes could get you a quick trip to the guillotine for just being an Aristocrat. In this county, Thomas Jefferson was a strong supporter of the French Revolution so, at his inauguration in 1801, he wore laced-up shoes. As you can imagine, this set the fashion for foot ware in the United States at that time. All laced shoes were soon called Jefferson Shoes.  

By the time of the Civil War, the Jefferson Shoe was still construed to mean laced shoes, but also you could find the word “bootee” as a name for this foot ware. “Bootee” is a diminutive of “boot” and signifies a short boot. This boot would also go under the name of Brogan and is derived from the word brogue, an English term for a rugged shoe that almost covered the ankle, as opposed to a low shoe of that time.  

This now leads us up to the turn of the century when the motorcycle industry got under way. The motorcycle industry pulled its riding clothing from the United States Cavalry.  Our Paddock Boot or brogan boot was being used by the cavalry during the Spanish-American War. With the puttees and the Paddock Boot you now have a boot made by the same company that made the boots for the board trackers and motorcyclists dating back to the 1870s.  

Our Paddock Boots are not reproductions. They are a re-issue of an old style boot that the factory still makes and has done so since the last half of the 19th Century. You would not put the wrong style part on your Henderson motorcycle. Why put anachronistic clothing on yourself?  



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