Cannonball Jerseys

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The Official Cannonball Racing Jerseys are Now Here!

This popular 1914 style was a big hit at the racetrack and is now offered exclusively to registered Cannonball racers. This sporty lightweight wool or acrylic uniform is perfect for the Cannonball Run. A jersey you will want to frame and hang on your wall as a piece of history. These jerseys are made in your choice of colors and size. We also take the time to reproduce the old style of stitching on the block lettering. The lettering is offered in black or white felt. All Cannonball jerseys include the lettering as well as your competition racing number on the back. For an additional charge we can also include it on the front of the jersey. The turtleneck jerseys were a big hit amongst the racers starting around 1912. This turtleneck is the perfect answer to protect the neck area in cold weather riding. Truly a jersey with the right look for the right time. The turtleneck is the perfect liner for under a jacket or worn by itself for cruising around town. The V-neck jerseys are straight out of 1914, a copy from the past. Made with all the details with color coordinated snaps to match the jersey color. Like the Cannonball turtleneck, these jerseys are made in your choice of colors and available with either black or white felt block lettering.

This is a unique look and different from anything now being made on the market.



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Special colors and color combinations can be custom made for motorcycle clubs.

Colors available in Wool are: Black, White, Red, Navy, Silver Grey, Light Gold, Royal Blue, Fast Brown, Moss Green, Purple, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Hunter Green, Tan, Scarlet Red, Burnt Orange, Heather Grey.

Colors available in Acrylic are: Black, White, Red, Light Navy, Royal Blue, Gold, Dark Navy, Kelly Green, Columbia Blue, Dark Columbia Blue, Hunter Green, Purple, Powder Blue, Fast Brown, Mayfair Blue, Burgundy, Silver Grey, Cardinal Red, Heather Grey, Dark Orange, Bone, Aqua, True Red, Dark Grey, Chocolate Brown, Royal Purple, Bordeaux, Moss Green, Cobalt Blue, Persimmon, Antique Gold, Medium Blue, Olympic Blue, Burnt Orange, Light Beige.