The motorcycle cap comes on the scene by the early 1930ís. The designs would be made by many manufacturers for all brands of motorcycles.

The "Brando" is made of a heavy grade of cloth with a leather sweat band, and a strong and well fitting frame that keeps its shape. This cap works well in wet or dry weather. Black visor and green under visor gives the "Brando" an attractive look for any brand of rider. Air vent holes and white cord designed to give this cap a snappy military style.

Now you can jam it into your saddlebag and not think twice about it.

Available in the following sizes: 
6 7/8", 7 1/8", 7 3/8", 7 5/8",
(available in black or white)
|7 3/4" (white only available in this size)







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Hats with Brass Bands