Engineer boots

When it comes to an outstanding motorcycle boot that is synonymous with an American biker, the engineer boot is that. This boot is strong enough to kick over your Panhead and the best in style with you jeans on a night out on the town. This was originally designed for train engineers and coal stockers in the mid-1930s who needed a boot without laces on their boots. Laces on boots would have a tendency to burn up when exposed to hot coals that kicked out of the burner. Also around this time, Sears and Roebuck ran an ad showing this boot being used by survey crews. Somehow the survey crew picture became imprinted on the American brain of that time.

Whether you are kicking coals or kicking the door in of a cage that has gotten too close to you on the road, we are sure this boot is up to the task .We make our engineer boot in your choice of height, color of leather, soles and style of leathers. This is a custom made boot. As a custom boot we take seven dimensions off of each foot and build a last of your foot. If, forinstance, you have one foot bigger then the other due to a broken leg we can easily make an engineer boot for you.


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